State demands expatriate headcount

GOVERNMENT has directed the department of immigration to urgently take stock of all foreign employees working in the country. Minister of Home Affairs Kennedy Sakeni announced this in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday.


“Keeping line with the country’s immigration policy regarding foreign nationals entering the country, the department of immigration should take stock of foreign employees in both local and foreign-owned companies operating in the country.

The exercise should be done in accordance with the principal of making sure that an immigrant in the country must have a contribution to make in the form of skill, profession or capital which should be of benefit to the Zambian people,” Mr Sakeni said.

He said an immigrant should not deprive a citizen of Zambia of employment and should not be a charge on the state as they must have the means with which to support themselves with their dependants.

Mr Sakeni said an immigrant intending to settle in the country must be in possession of an entry permit.

“Because of these principles it is imperative that all foreign investors should abide by these norms and provide economic and social data when requested by law enforcement,” he said.

Mr Sakeni appealed to local and foreign companies operating in the country to stop offering jobs which can efficiently be performed by Zambians to foreigners.
He said the trend is exacerbating the rate of unemployment in the country.

Mr Sakeni, however, appealed for fair treatment of foreigners and that they should enjoy equal opportunity if and when qualified for a specific task.



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